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Hello! My name is Linda Le Huynh and I'm a portrait and wedding photographer, and am studying visual communication and marketing at Missouri State University in little ol' Springfield, Missouri. I'm truly gifted with supportive friends, family, and photo clients, and I have an ever-growing love for photography and people. I am twenty-one years old and have been pursuing my passion for portrait photography since I was sixteen; originally inspired by a friend who challenged me to get better in this field. Aside from photography and the arts, my interests are in non-profit work, volunteering, domestic and global aid, traveling and exploration. 

Still today, I am astonished by the impact photography has made in my life in the most wondrous ways possible. I am grateful and thank those who have followed, inspired, and helped me get this far in my journey. My dream is to make an impact on other people's lives as well. I hope to capture people's memories and their true unique identities through my work and, thus far, I have been blessed with the most amazing clients. To have this opportunity to meet and connect with people, and make these everlasting relationships is the most treasured part of my career. As I'm writing this, I think of the people I've come across and was able to connect with through my camera lenssome have made me cry on their wedding day, while others have helped me climb a tree, watched me get scraped up by thorns, or have simply laughed uncontrollably with me in the car. To capture and make memories with you would be an absolute honor and joy.

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